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Antique Dolls-Antike Puppen

Antique Dolls Accessories-Antikes Puppen Zubehör

Antique Toys-Antike Spielzeug


Welcome to my ebaY site










Welcome to my Photography page




First of all I would like to thank everybody for being here.I am super excited for your comments and feedback.My name is Tika.I collect Antique dolls,toys,antique collectibles and some other Antique stuffs.I ve been also dealing with Antique Dolls & Toys since couple of years.I am a musician and I write songs and arrange music for other artist.Most of my time I play instruments and record in the studio.I played guitar in the bands in the entire 90's.I did a lot of concerts with the bands and been on the roads for many years.After all those fabulous years I knew something would going to be changed,however one day I came across to this beautiful 117n.This was my first ever buy,although It wasn't planned but it came all suddenly.I ve been on the run and I am still on the run since 1997.












Eversince I started to travel south east Germany I visited places like Waltershausen,Gräfental,Sonneberg in Thüringe zone every year.The International Dolls & Toys Festival held every year in Sonneberg(Neustadt b.Coburg).I was curious and I am still overwhelming to see and to visit those entire places like Heubach Köppelsdorf's resident,villa of Armand Marseille and many other manufacturer's resident today.I had a chance to go to Kämmer & Reinhardt doll factory in Waltershausen and Kestner's birth place.It is Phenomenal.I am incredibly involved into the background and history of the dolls and their makers.I adore all sculptor and artist who made these all happened.

I also started parallelly taking a photos of the dolls.Its been over 16 years now and I am still enjoying taking a photographs.Enjoy my authentic photos of the Dolls on my Facebook page.

Now I would like to introduce my first dolls in the beginning.

These are my first doll collection in the beginning.From left to right(Backrow):

Tete Jumeau in box/Twin Eden bebe/Gigotour-steiner/A-serie Steiner/Belton/Unidetified 

Front row(Left to right):Jack in the box/Twin Eden bebe/Belton Jumeau/E.Dennamur/Unidetified French doll












And years after years,the collection has grown up.




















































My very 1st Steiner A15 serie


















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